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Purezza Shampoo Dandruff Control 250ml


Scalp with dandruff or other impurities̀. Soothes and refreshes the scalp with immediate effect. Progressively purifying the scalp.



Purezza Shampoo Dandruff Control 250ml

It is specifically formulated

to treat scalps with Dandruff or other impurities̀.

Cleanses effectively and helps to remove all impurities.
Rice bran microbeads lightly exfoliate, which purifies the scalp.
Used regularly, it helps to prevent the reappearance of Dandruff.


Soothes and refreshes the scalp with immediate effect.
Above all, leaving the hair  soft and full of  natural body,

Purezza Shampoo Dandruff Control will significantly remove debris and flakes from the scalp

Moreover will Calm and soothe to reduce irritation.

Which in turn, stops the production of Dandruff


How to use:
Apply to wet hair and massage well into the scalp.

Then Cleanse thoroughly.

In addition, and equally important,

use a detailing brush to remove the loose flakes.

Rinse well and repeat.



Used regularly, Purezza Shampoo Dandruff Control.

In effect, it is the best and only anti-dandruff treatment for problem scalps

100% Organic, Vegan and kind to nature.


A treatable skin problem can cause Dandruff and other kinds of skin shedding.

Notably, scalps prone to Dandruff can be caused by simply using the wrong shampoo.

Or it could be an autoimmune problem.


Long-term problematic flaking and fall of Dandruff require expert advice;

By contacting us, We can help with all your questions,

An in-salon consultation is essential.

Where we will determine the best course of treatment to use.

This treatment will significantly clear the build-up of Dandruff

and, overall, help promote a healthy scalp.





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