Specialized Treatments for Scalp & Hair

Specialized Treatments for Scalp & Hair

Specialized Treatments for Scalps.

Hair loss, Hair fall, Alopecia, Hormonal Hair loss, Thinning Hair.

Over-sensitized, irritated Scalps, Dry/greasy Scalps, Psoriasis, Excess Dandruff. Dry, Brittle, and Over-Processed Hair. Colour Correction.

P Factor; Prevention.

For Hair loss, Hair thinning, Alopecia, Balding, and Hormonal.

Bennessere; Calming

For Sensitized Scalps, Irritated Scalps, and Anti-dandruff. Soothing Tight Dry Scalps.

Purezza:  Cleansing,

For Dandruff, Excess Dandruff, and Psoriasis,

Equilibro: Cleansing

For Oily scalps,  Oily Hair. Cleanses deeply while removing excess sebum from the scalp and Hair.

Specialized Treatments for Hair.

Nouva Fibra;

Intensive Repair for dry, damaged, brittle, over-processed Hair

Oxygen Therapy; Specialized Treatments for Scalp & Hair.

Oxygen Scalp Infusion Therapy is a natural scalp and hair treatment.

That uses oxygen and combining botanical tonics leads to a balanced scalp and healthy hair strands.

Each treatment helps to eliminate bacteria from the scalp while replenishing moisture and balance to the scalp and Hair from the root to the ends.

Applying the Oxygen Scalp Treatment to the scalp stimulates the blood by the administered nutrients and oxygen being topically delivered to the scalp.

Thus, the Oxygen Scalp Treatment promotes accelerated hair growth in the dermis layer of the scalp. reconstructing the damaged Hair from the inside by repairing the bonds and restoring resiliency and most importantly refreshing the hair cuticle and cortex.

In other words, the scalp is cleansed, nourished and stimulated.

While at the same time, you are experiencing one of the most relaxing scalp therapy treatments ever created!


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