P Factor Intensive lotionP Factor Intensive lotion

P Factor Intensive Lotion Treatment


Increased hair loss, abnormal intense hair loss, thinning hair, alopecia


P Factor Intensive Lotion Treatment

Formula is designed for targeted treatment against hair loss.

Kemon Actyva P Factor Intensive Lotion is specifically designed to target hair loss and hair thinning in both men and women.

Formulated with plant stem cells extracted from grapes, it has resulted in thicker hair in 63% of cases.

And improve alopecia symptoms in 52% of cases, with visible results after just three months of use.

Results of effectiveness test.
Thicker hair in 80% of cases.
The average increase in hair density is +12.1%.
Improvement in the degree of alopecia in 10% of cases.
Well tolerated in 95% of cases.


Firstly, cleanse the scalp and hair with P Factor treatment shampoo.

Then using P Factor scalp cream, which is the second step in the treatment.

Thus, preparing the scalp for P Factor intensive Lotion treatment

Apply the lotion directly to the scalp drop by drop and work in sections.

Blot with a fingertip after each application.

Using a circular motion with your fingertips massage the scalp for five minutes.

This stimulates blood flow to the scalp, whilst nourishing the hair folicals


Certified ICEA Vegan
Certified ICEA Organic
Packaging made from recycled material

For maximum benefit,

Use P Factor Treatment Shampoo, Scalp cream and Intensive lotion, on a weekly routine.