Infrared professional hair dryererInfrared professional hair dryerer

Upgrade Professional Hair Dryer



Infrared Professional Hair Dryer

Infrared Professional  hair dryer of the Upgrade brand.

The first ultra-light infrared professional hair dryer uses 30% less weight than other hair dryers. It is equipped with a latest generation Long Live induction motor, which gives it a long life, over 1000 hours of work, and which allows it to use less energy.
Compact and handy design, elegant in its soft touch finish.

Infrared Profesional Hair Dryer ia a powerful, Long Life continuous induction DC motor, exclusive to Upgrade.

More than 1000 working hours.  Alpha Code weighs just 400 g, while Alpha Compact is even lighter at 370 g, which means less stress for your joints.

High air flow speed and high performance resulting in energy savings of approximately 300 W/hour.  2000 W of effective power, equalling the performance of hairdryers with higher power ratings.  Anti-slip, anti-scald soft touch rubberized finish

– Long Live induction motor
– weight 400g
– over 1000 hours of work
– low energy consumption
– 1800/2000 watts of power
– high air speed _ 2 speeds,
– cold air blow
– finish soft touch


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