Equilibro Shampoo Greasy ScalpEquilibro Shampoo Greasy Scalp

Equilibrio Shampoo Greasy Scalp


Purify and balance greasy hair and scalp

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Equilibrio Shampoo 250mls Greasy Hair and Scalp

For Hair and scalp, that is Weight down with sebum or product build-up.

Shampoo for oily scalp.

It cleanses deeply, removing excess sebum from the scalp and Hair.

Formula enriched with perlite, a volcanic mineral with the capacity to absorb excess sebum effectively.

Used regularly, it helps to restore the balance of the acid mantle.

Cleans strands of all build-up, leaving them light.

Formula enriched with VILIAN COMPLEX,

Equilibrio Shampoo Is

Certified ICEA Vegan
Certified ICEA Organic

Not tested on animals
Packaging made of recycled material


ACTYVA Equilibrio Shampoo Greasy Scalp is part of its SPECIFICI range.

Equilibrio is formulated with essential oils and plant extracts to cleanse, balance, soothe, hydrate and restore the normal function of the scalp.