Anti Frizz, Hair calmingAnti Frizz, Hair calming

Disaplina Anti Frizz Set



Disaplina Anti Frizz Set

Disaplina  Shampoo.

Smooth or natural, the most common need is to make styling easier and maintain it over time.

ACTYVA brings DISCIPLINA, a line of products formulated to control curly and rebellious hair gently, and, most importantly, maintain a desired look over time:

For perfectly smooth hair or natural movement.
Cleanses respecting the scalp’s natural balance. As a result, leaves the hair with fewer tangles, and is easier to comb. Hydrates and smooths the fibre, leaving hair silky and manageable.

Disaplina Hydrating Mask.

Nourishing and smoothing treatment. It Detangles entirely, easily and instantly. Softens and makes the fibre uniform and smooth, reducing volume and frizz. Leaves hair silky, brilliant and very easy to style.

Disaplina Anti Frizz Cream

Taming Styling and Anti-frizz Cream. Adds control with long-lasting protection against humidity. Perfect for smooth, silky styles or soft, bouncy curls


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