NAK Blonde Plus 10v Toning Foam

Blond Plus 10vToning Foam

NAK Blond Plus 10v Toning Foam.

Blonde Plus 10vToning Foam is a  luxuriant, blue-violet semi-permanent color corrector designed to manage unwanted yellow, gold, or brassy tones, and lasts 4 to 6 washes. Blue-violet pigments neutralize warmth and yellow tones to create a cool pastel shade.

When you color your hair, After some time, you notice the shade you left the salon with has changed, in conclusion, your hair has now taken on an undesired yellow, orange or red tone.

Recommended for.

  • Natural blond.
  • Pre-lightened blonde.
  • Brown hair with blond high lights.
  • Grey hair.

Neutralizing any unwanted warmth, it brightens highlights, and tones gray hair for a clean clear finish.

Blue-violet pigments are not only for high-lighted blond or gray hair.

When darker hair has been colored a shade or two lighter over time the desired shade can change leaving underlying warm tones to show through, Brassiness refers to the unwanted warm tones that show up in colored hair. It typically happens in dark hair that’s been highlighted or in hair that’s been lightened to brown.

Perfect for. 

  • Natural hair.
  • color-treated brunettes.
  • brown, black, or dark hair that turns orangey or brassy.
  • Adds depth and shine to deeper colors.

As a result, Blonde Plus 10vToning Foam is ideal for balancing excessive warmth and retaining cool tones, above all is an excellent conditioner adding nourishment, therefore improving the quality of all hair types. Specifically for use in between salon visits.

Similarly, Blonde Plus 10vToning Foam is recommended to be used with Nak blond, or Blond Plus shampoo in addition to NAK Blond conditioner for a maximum toning effect.

How to Use:

Apply to clean towel-dried hair
Leave in for 5-30mins depending on the amount of toning required
Rinse and condition if required.


More Info:

  • Vegan
  • cruelty-free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Paraben-Free

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