Bellesserre Shampoo 250ml


Beauty Nectar suitable for all hair types

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Preserve the natural beauty and health of hair and skin
Oils have been part of the beauty treatment world from its earliest.
From the Far East to the Mediterranean, they have been used on the skin and hair as valuable ingredients in beauty rituals for their antioxidant, emollient and protective properties. Drawing inspiration from the use of oils in the Mediterranean beauty rituals, with a base of argan and flax oils designed for the daily care of hair and body.

Directions for use
Hair: Apply to the hairline in sections. Rake to distribute, from the hairline towards the top of the head. Massage with a circular motion. Emulsify, rinse, repeat and towel dry

Body: Use as you would a normal shower gel.
Velvet hair and body wash with argan and flax oils. Offers a creamy and dense lather that makes hair; easier to comb and gives skin a gentle feel.
Leaves hair bouncy and full of body and the skin soft delicately scented.

• Certified ICEA Vegan
• Certified ICEA Organic
• Certified Love Nature
• Packaging is made of Green Polyethylene