Actyva Disciplina Shampoo 250ml


Tame, soften and control frizzy rebellious hair

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Smooth or natural, the most common need is to make styling easier and maintain it over time. ACTYVA brings DISCIPLINA, a line of products formulated to gently control frizzy and rebellious hair and maintain a desired look over time: perfectly smooth hair or natural movement.
Cleanses respecting the scalp’s natural balance.Leaves hair with fewer tangles, easier to comb.Hydrates and smooths the fiber, leaving hair silky and manageable.

Directions for use

Apply to the hairline in sections. Rake to distribute, from the hairline towards the top of the head. Massage with a circular motion. Emulsify, rinse, repeat and towel dry.
Additionally, its packaging is made of Polietilene Green.
• Certified ICEA Vegan
• Certified ICEA Organic
• Certified Love Nature
• Packaging is made of Green Polyethylene