Carrigaline Organic Hair Studio

We are one of Ireland’s only fully organic hair salons, andhave been open in Old Waterpark, Carrigaline since 2005.

The proprietors, Della MacSweeney and Christine Buckley Quinn together with their staff, are pioneering a new way of trading in the hair industry.

The decision to take the salon fully organic is seeing a wave of new clients travelling to Carrigaline from far and wide.

We now have clients travelling to us for treatments and products from all over Cork, as well as from other counties.

We only use, stock and sell fully organic products, the majority of which are also vegan friendly. Kemón’s packaging is made from recycled materials and is fully bio-degradable. This is not only popular with our current client base, but it is also bringing many new clients to the salon.

We now stock the distinguished Kemón brand for both Professional and retail use.

The Brand

The three ranges within the Kemón brand used at Carrigaline Organic Hair Studioare,

  • Actyva (for Cleansing & Hair Treatment)
  • A.N.D. (for Hair Styling Products)
  • NaYo, our sought-after hair colouring product

all of which are proving extremely popular, not only for their ethical and sustainable advantages, but also the fact that they are highly effective for an array of different treatments.

Suitable For Pregnancy & those in Recovery:

The heavy toxins such as ammonia as used in other salons are a real danger, and prohibitive in hair treatments.

Therefore the non-invasive nature of theKemón brand is particular suitable,along with the expertise gained from extensive training for all staff at Carrigaline Organic Hair Studio. This means that the salon provides a welcoming environment for anyone going through recovery, pregnancy or has other allergic issues.

Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by wide range of issues, including stress, hormonal imbalance or health complications. It is important that when hair loss is being treated, the correct nourishment is given to the follicle.

From the beginning to the end of the hair loss treatment, the Kemón range delivers the right balance and is proven to be highly effective in hair restoration.

Actyva Trico Camera

We have recently invested in and are delighted to announce, the Actyva Trico Camera. This is a wireless micro camera which can perform hair diagnosis and recommends the correct hair treatment best suited to your needs

Specialist in-salon treatments are also available for those who suffer from;

  • Sensitive Scalp
  • Dull lifeless hair,
  • Damaged, Brittle, Over Processed and Weakened Hair
  • Oily scalp Dry Hair,
  • Dry scalp Greasy Hair
  • Psoriasis

Extras At Carrigaline Organic Hair Studio

We are also proud to offer Organic Brow, eyelash and light facial Treatments, as well as Indian Head Massage.